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All our school camps are organised and facilitated by Tribe.

Welcome, to Buffalo Drift’s Leadership School Camps where students will engage with one another, building relationships, developing leadership skills, building self-esteem and empowering them to walk away from our camp with a sense of victory and growth. Our goal is for learners to gain a better understanding of themselves and their peers in a healthy outdoor environment learning the true value of Team Work, Communication, Motivation and above all Leadership Development. What Our Schools Have To Say

Program Overview

Leadership Development

Our program is the culmination of action based learning in which we focus on building key aspects of leadership such as Empathy, Communication, Motivation, Leadership and above all Team Work.

Team Building

We provide an outcome-based program which enhances the importance of teamwork by building relationships through shared experiences on camp by accomplishing various tasks in a highly motivated environment.

Tribe Formation

We encourage a sense of belonging by becoming a part of something bigger than the individual. Through our personal development approach, we will unlock the individual’s self-awareness helping them to fully understand their ability.

Take A Closer Look

Our camping program focuses on leadership development, building trust, team motivation, encouragement and teamwork. Our team leaders are hand picked and are put to the test by leading camp with a constant source of passion, energy and enthusiasm.

”Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.” John C Maxwell

Join our family and book your school in for a two night, three-day camp like no other.

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